A Southern transplant to the Atlanta area, and Air Force kid - my family moved here over two decades ago and I’ve never left! I’ve always loved the green spaces in and around Atlanta - and the proximity to both the mountains and the ocean. I have come to grips with the fact that I will always feel somewhat of a transplant, there is much inherent in the deep Southern culture that I lack as a frame of reference. I like to think that this suspension of “home” is an unlikely gift. I feel that it has enabled me to appreciate roots and security, while at the same time not to lose my curiosity and propensity for asking questions.

My journey into painting really happened when I picked up a paint brush - but I have been an artist all my life! I was immersed in classic literature, poetry, and creative projects for as long as I can remember. Family members will attest to watching me assemble spaces and create images that capture ideas in ways that I am unable to with words alone. I remember checking out Lee J. Ames’ “how-to draw” and interior design books from the library and filling sketchbooks in early grades, asking for a subscription to Architectural Digest for my sixteenth birthday, and creating notebooks full of political statement collages from old issues of Vogue and The Economist during college. My dad (a musician, designer, and entrepreneur) was always willing to take risks to enable me to attempt what I had never done before. He would do what he could to provide resources and encouragement - then let me fly! My mother (seamstress, real foodie, and author) provided encouragement by being herself. To see a woman becoming unapologetically herself as I grew up has provided a lot of context for what a confident, compassionate, and strong woman looks like.

While pursuing my Bachelors and Master’s degrees, I found myself turning more and more to artistic expression as a means of reconciling and metabolizing head knowledge, with what I observed and experienced in the emotions of people around me. In the year following my first child’s birth, I deliberately shifted from primarily written expression, and design projects - towards painting. I recall the first moments, over ten years ago now, when I would step back from a finished work - paint brush in hand…and contemplate what I had created. I suppose those moments are some of the deepest ways I’ve felt a deep sense of belonging - or being truly at home - as an adult. The exhilaration and challenge was unlike anything I had experienced before - and I’ve never really looked back!

At this time, I primarily make my work available in my online shop - but I have been super fortunate to have worked with the wonderful galleries listed below as my work has gathered momentum in recent years:

Anne Irwin Fine Art: 2016, 2017

The Southern gallery - ‘Get Well Soon’

My studio is in my home, a little ways North of Atlanta. I would love to meet you! Please plan a visit by contacting me and making an appointment. The best way to keep up with new work, shows, or collaborations is to following me on Instagram, or here! Also , you can sign up for my newsletter (on my contact page) that I send out about 4-6 times a year.

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