My painting practice has always been deeply and intrinsically connected with my  own becoming. I think most artists would agree, but essentially we assemble evolving self-portraits to show the world that each season has it’s purpose. Each stage it’s beauty. There is meaning - either to rage against, return to, or revel in.

I endeavor to paint works that embrace mystery in its fluidity - and substance in concept and construction. I do this in many ways - one of the most obvious is to move between different materials. My work is typically sketched out in several drafts in the notebook that is almost always with me. I make color notes and palettes next depending on the piece. Based on the story that the work is telling, I make decisions about the surface of the final work.

I seek to speak a narrative of healing, love, and acceptance.  This means willingly sifting through layers of being, wrestling with chaos that tries to assert itself as triumphant - ordering fragmented pieces of paper, layering expressive brushstrokes, evoking emotion and line in the forms of nature.

 I love to talk about the process of this work - to question and marvel at the wide selection of repurposed textiles, papers, thread, natural pigments and textures that find their way into my paintings. It reminds me that the most appreciated artistic moments in my life are those that didn’t necessarily PROVIDE answers - they pointed and encouraged me TO them. Towards Truth. Towards Love. Towards Freedom. 

I am reminded that as an artist it is not my primary job to PROVIDE Truth, Love, and Freedom - but I am responsible to point viewers in the right direction, and walk in humility and transparency along side them in life in that same direction.

When any of those things are lacking - Truth, Love, or Freedom - we suffer. We become afraid to deepen our roots, to stretch towards the light.

Fundamentally, I am really proud of the way that I have stuck with making work that I truly care about - not just the work that I was told I "should" be making.  I think it is absolutely possible to elevate the process without sacrificing on a final product.  This required learning to view myself as a creator, not a machine.  Each artist's journey is so unique, and it takes time to step into your own journey. I feel that I am finally stepping fully into mine.